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Digital flexitarianism

Google gets out of the city-building business

Slow Build Digest

Slow Build Digest

Programming note

Well, that got messy

Crypto people are making the Internet weird again

AI's "alarming-but-quiet capture"

Hints we're getting of a Biden tech doctrine, nine months into this thing

A look at how Zoom-era deurbanization could make office inequities worse

Slow Build’s Friday digest

How Congress is getting smarter on tech, with Travis Moore

Inside the story: Lina Khan

Turns out Mark Zuckerberg really, really, really runs Facebook.

Pivoting is failure

How to hit a list

Workers united

Political identity, with Lilliana Mason

The making of "The Vegan Food Wars of DC"

The Carter Center is concerned

Why Congress can't quit Facebook. Or Twitter.

Why Facebook's pushing back

Olá from Lisbon

Lessons from Madrid

The tracking federal contractors conundrum, with Hudson Hollister

Why Washington gets so mad at Facebook

The Friday Five

A bit more on the new U.S. Digital Corps — the future of the library book — bears

Coding for country

Wild & disconnected

People-centered data, with Jer Thorp

Data & Afghanistan

Soccer's racism problem

Uncle Bernie's calculator

Polarization, with Daniel Kreiss

One reason Congress isn't remote

Leaving Facebook, with Matt Perault

The "time tax" — Yang's next acts — Mapbox pacts

Why government's still struggling with digital, with Jen Pahlka

Ten things to talk about now: Team antitrust assemble — Boris Johnson’s pingdemic — “Xerox forward”

The lost opportunity of online politics, with Micah Sifry

Pre-911 —  Biden’s passionate populism — Steve Jobs’ FBI file

The Zagat-ish guide to Trump’s social media lawsuits

How to cover tech

The geography of technology, with Margaret O’Mara

The FTC gets to play “monopoly” — the state of fed facial tech — how online fundraisers trick old folks

Tech’s “big enchilada” moment

“Sex is a powerful predictor of typeface”

Mappers take responsibility for what they’ve built

Nigeria's Twitter ban causes pain — Airbnb rolls out strike force — China's Amazon killer

America's marriage shift, with Sasha Issenberg of "The Victory Lab"

What Facebook's done to Trump now

Politicians & social privilege


Facebook reconsiders COVID — robotic emotional support — the hidden Instagram 'like'

Wuhan's a gift to social media's critics

Missing the TikTok for the Twitter

Bonus: The tools Judd Legum uses to write Popular Information

How Popular Information’s Judd Legum holds Facebook’s feet to the fire

The hard and true limits of checking facts

“The entire U.S. is built on algorithmic governance”

Seven and a half great reads

An FTC commish for the year 2021

To Sell a (Tech) War — UBI's moment — Cash App culture

The next, next infrastructure debate

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