"It would have felt inauthentic to me to wake up the morning after…and be like, 'Those f____kers, what a terrible company.'"
Revisiting Second Life in the crypto-Constitution-collapse aftermath
The marriage of collective action and millions of dollars raises all sorts of fascinating questions.
Plus Portugal's new remote work rules, Amazon's press patterns, and the rocky return of White House Skype briefings
It’s looking like attempting to use every part of the government apparatus to tighten up rules around it while also trying to avoid smothering its pote…
Harvard economist Edward Glaeser walks through the research on what remote work means for who succeeds and who struggles.
It’s weirdly cold for early November here in Washington D.C., with frost appearing in the corners of our windows this morning.
Think Capitol Hill's tech CEO hearings aren't as entirely cringey as they used to be? Here's one reason why — and why that growth's hitting its natural…
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